#85: Brendan Leonard & Jayson Sime — “How to Run 100 Miles”

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(Cover Photo by Josh Perez)

This week I was lucky enough to have Brendan Leonard and Jayson Sime come over and chat with me about their excellent film “How to Run 100 Miles”. We recorded this “live” in studio….aka outside on the porch in my back yard (It was a 60 degree day and this is an outdoor podcast…so I thought “what the heck?”)

If you have not seen the film, do yourself a favor and check it out immediately. It is the inspiring, touching, and often hilarious story of these two friends and their quest to train for and run their first 100 mile ultramarathon through the rugged mountains of Northern Colorado.

Their 100 mile experience connected on so many levels, but to me the film is an ode to true friendship and, more specifically, to the people in our lives who always say “why not?”. My absolute favorite type of people who push us and challenge us to do more and be more than anything we ever thought possible.

These two are shining examples. They come up with crazy ideas, train their butts off, support each other through and through and then get it done.

For ultrarunners the film connects on the ideas of pushing through discomfort, dealing with pain and suffering, and how to handle….errrr…stomach issues in the woods.

I’m very excited to share this conversation! Both Brendan and Jayson are fascinating people in their own rights, but you get them together and they completely shine. Cracking jokes, sharing stories, challenging each other, sharing the emotional moments, and everything else that comes from wonderful lifelong friendships.

Brendan Leonard is an adventure, travel, and human experience writer who’s work has appeared in Backpacker, National Geographic, Outside, Men’s Journal, and other publications. He has also written a few books “Sixty Meters to Anywhere” and “The Great Outdoors: a User’s Guide”. He’s a climber, mountaineer and all around adventure athlete who blogs about outdoor adventures for the “Everyman and Everywoman” at www.semi-rad.com.

Jayson Sime is a public speaker, life coach and Bikram Yoga Instructor who’s mission is to spread the message that everyone has the potential to become their best selves. He has started “Right to Shine” as a way to spread positivity and goodness to everyone around him. Please check out his website at www.righttoshine.com


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