#84: Mitch Matthews –“Dream. Think. Do.” Becoming Your Best Self & Backpacking Adventures

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This week I’m incredibly excited to chat with author, speaker, family man, and incredibly nice guy Mitch Matthews!

Almost two years ago I listened to my buddy Calvin Johannsen on Mitch’s podcast “Dream. Think. Do.” talking about his 14ers project. I checked out a few more episodes of the show and completely connected with Mitch’s advice about going after big, intimidating goals and his dream to “Inspire 1,000,000 Dreams.”

I thought to myself “what have I always wanted to do but just can’t seem to pull the trigger on??”

The answer was clear as day – a podcast.

I had actually started one a few years earlier, released two episodes, and promptly gave up once I felt a bit outside my comfort zone.

Using the encouragement and enthusiasm I was hearing through “Dream. Think. Do.” I finally made the commitment and promptly started this show. I’m serious….within three episodes of Mitch’s podcast I was all “LET’S DO THIS!”

His enthusiasm is contagious and he is THAT motivational!

In this episode we chat all about Mitch’s philosophies around dreams. Why it’s important to give yourself time to dream your big audacious dreams, why you should step outside your comfort zone, how to get past seeing your goals as “unattainable” or “unrealistic” and why “Dream. Think. Do”ing is a simple concept and yet so hard for most people to actually implement.

This being an outdoor adventure podcast, we also discuss Mitch’s yearly backpacking trips with his teenage sons. How adventures have shaped them into resilient young men, the lessons and experiences they’ve shared as a family, and how he scaffolded them as kids to take on the bigger and badder trips.

Enjoy the show!


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