#83: Travis Steffen 3 — Mindset, Importance of Introspection, Failing Produces Success

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Today the always fascinating Travis Steffen is back to the podcast.

If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, Travis is one of my absolute best friends in the whole world. He’s also one of the wisest, strangest, most successful and genuine people I know.

I never know what to expect when we do a podcast. This week as I sat at my kitchen table, watching him put his hair up in a ‘Manbun’ I thought… “What direction is he gonna take this one?” The conversation is extremely introspective, at times both heartbreaking and hilarious, and inspirational. There’s always lessons to be taken away from listening to Travis.

Today is all about mindset, self reflection and failing in order to succeed.

Travis shares the importance of being completely transparent and genuine, why we need to take time to self reflect, how a strength in one area of life could be a weakness in another, and how epic failures have helped him let go of fear and driven him towards success.

Please go back and check out Travis’s previous episodes if you have missed them! He will always make you think while inspiring and entertaining you.


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