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Happy Thanksgiving guys!! As promised we have an awesome episode of the podcast for you this week.

Eszter Horanyi is an adventure athlete who spends her time exploring the public lands of the west. You can find her mountain biking, running, scrambling, camping and hanging in her scamp trailer with her boyfriend and previous Like a Bigfoot podcast guest Scott Morris.

She has embraced the explorer lifestyle and through her experiences wants to inspire others to fall in love with the wild lands of the U.S.

In this episode we discuss a little race called the Ouray 100 in which Eszter finished 2nd in only her third trail race EVER…which blows my mind! We also discuss all things mountain biking as her life journey morphed her from a collegiate road cyclist to a badass mountain biker. We’re sure to hit on bikepacking and all the extremely challenging endurance bike races she’s taken on.

I hope you guys enjoy this episode! The plan is that Eszter will inspire you to kick butt during your post Thanksgiving workouts (which, if anything like mine, are going to be slow and painful due to the belly full of stuffing).

I hope you are inspired by her strength, mindset and the spirit of exploration she embodies!

For all of her adventures, be sure to check out her blog and her instagram as she is an excellent writer and takes some pretty damn good pictures. She’s about to take off to New Zealand for a few months and are planning on some epic adventures!


“Zen on Dirt” Blog: https://zenondirt.wordpress.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ezthenomad/

Previous Episode with her fellow adventurer and boyfriend Scott Morris: https://soundcloud.com/chris-ward-126531464/40-scott-morris


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