#67: Justin Horneker — Running Coach for Anthrophysique

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Very excited this week to share with you this episode of the Like a Bigfoot Podcast with Anthrophysique running coach Justin Horneker.

Over the last month the theme of the show has been exploring the ideas of “expanding our capacity for success” and “transforming inspiration into action.”

This conversation with Justin is really intentional around these two ideas. I feel like there are a few huge barriers to success:

#1. No accountability

#2. No Vision or Roadmap

#3. No knowledgeable person to bounce ideas off of

For those of us pursuing running, a great option for minimizing these obstacles is hiring a coach. Someone like Justin who’s job is to take part in discussions, help set goals, hold you accountable, and really push you to achieve beyond your perceptions.

That’s why I’m pumped to share this convo!

Justin is extremely knowledgeable about all things running and is able to discuss at length the physical demands, the mental challenges and the emotional needs of his athletes. He is also an active participant in the running world as a previous collegiate athlete and road runner.

In this episode, Justin talks about his experience running cross country in college, his training philosophies based around “Less B.S. and more hard work”, how to handle injuries and complacency, and how to set and achieve goals in the running world.

Thanks so much for listening, I truly appreciate all the support we receive week in and week out!

The Like a Bigfoot Tribe is consistently growing and pushing towards being more successful, awesome people and really spreading goodness around the world and it is completely blowing my mind!! So from the bottom of my heart I want to thank you guys.


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