#65: Dr. Kasey Johnson — Host of the Unlock Wellness Podcast, Taking Action on Goals

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Welcome back! This week we are chatting with the awesome host of the “Unlock Wellness Podcast” Dr. Kasey Johnson.

A month ago I was honored to be a guest on her show (episode 53) and afterwards I really wanted to chat again to learn more about her and all of the excellent projects she is pursuing. Kasey totally embodies the idea of “spreading goodness” as has spent the last year fearlessly taking action on her goals.

In this episode we discuss Kasey’s background, why she created the Unlock Wellness Podcast, how and why she has been so successful setting and accomplishing goals, what she has learned since going plant-based and training for her first triathlon.

Definitely check out all of the awesomeness Kasey is putting out to the world (links below). Hopefully, you will really follow her example and simply TAKE ACTION on your own goals!


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