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From your host Barbara

“Steve Ward (of the High Strangeness Factor) and I bring you a talk about Dogmen, Werewolves, Lycanthropy.

Because nothing says holiday cheer like talking about bipedal, possibly shape-shifting paranormal canids. At least, to Steve and I.

We start with Dogmen and the Beast of Bray Road, and the investigations and books by the late great Linda Godfrey. She really brought the idea of dogman into public consciousness, especially in the Unite States.

After that, Steve tells about UK researcher Paul Sinclair and his documentary Wolf Lands.

And of course, we talk about anomalous lights and how they relate to these paranormal bipedal canids.

Yep, Anomalous Lights. Dogmen. Werewolves and Lycanthropy.

They all go together.