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Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files – Til Death Do Us Part?

The gang talks to Haunted Mansion wedding-planner Kelsey Correia about how she’s able to create happy memories in the same house where three historical figures were brutally murdered. Switchy reports on getting creeped out by a beast known as The…

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Paranormal Peep Show – Philip Kinsella: Terrestrial Tresspassers

Philip Kinsella, co host of Twin Souls Radio show guests on the Paranormal Peep Show this edition with your hosts Neil Ward and Andrew Chaplin. We talk about Philip’s new book on Terrestrial Trespassers, asking what are the Greys, where do they come…

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Mack Maloney’s Miitary X-Files – The Best & Worst of Rock Stars

 In a special music show, the gang talks about their run-ins with various rock stars, good and bad. What does Ringo smell like? Why is Joannie Mitchell like Amber Heard? Why did JJ turn down Nancy Wilson’s marriage proposal? And has Lois heard back…

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The Paranormal UK Radio Show – The Unwelcomed: The Curious Case of Clara Fowler

After a long hiatus, the Paranormal UK Radio Show is back for a new year. Mark talks with author Ron Felber about his new book “The Unwelcomed: The Curious Case of Clara Fowler” about one of the most well documented cases of demonic possession.


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High Strangeness Factor – Dean Bertram

Join Steve and guest co-host Susy Bastille As they talk with Dean Bertram
(Andy is AWOL again)

Dean Bertram is a freelance writer, filmmaker, and film festival director based in Sydney, Australia. He is the co-founder of A Night of Horror…

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Paranormal Dimensions – Jason Thornton

For this show we enter the strange, sometimes hard to believe world of Alien Abduction, when David talks to this show’s guest Jason Thornton. Jason claims to have been abducted by aliens and claims he can supply proof. He also runs two Facebook…

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Mack Maloney’s Military X-Files – Murder in the Bridgewater Triangle

Bloopers abound as the gang talks to paranormal researcher Suzy Bastille about the mind-boggling number of events reported inside the Bridgewater Triangle, including sightings of flying dinosaurs, Mothman, Bigfoot, little people known as Puk-wudgies,…

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Seventh Sanctum – Phil of Dogman Teepee Hunting

Join the ladies of Seventh Sanctum as they welcome Phil of Dogman Teepee Hunting, your one-stop shop for all things paranormal in the wilds of Britain!

From Phil –
I’m an explorer, a podcaster ( The Interdimensional Voyagers ), and a truth seeker on…

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Paranormal Dimensions – The Staticom Project with Ron Yacovetti

For this Special Extra show David talks to Paranormal EVP researcher Ron Yacovetti about his small team’s fascinating work on groundbraking hardware and software using ‘white noise’ for communication with the ‘other side’. One not to miss!

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