#45: Susan Nowell 2 — How to Prevent and Manage Common Running Injuries, Stage Race Report

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This week we are honored to welcome Susan Nowell back to the show!

Susan is an accomplished endurance athlete, a lifelong runner and adventurer, and a physical therapist in Northern California. She is also my cousin and is someone whose fearlessness and discipline I’ve looked up to since I was a kid.
She is a wonderful resource for all of us athletes who are concerned about injury prevention and pain management.

In this episode we discuss the four most common running injuries. How do you prevent them? How do you rehab them? We also talk about how she found success at the recent Carrara de Baja stage race and how she is going about training for an Ironman later this summer.

Hope you guys enjoy and hope you learn something!

More from Susan:

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Last time she was on the podcast: https://soundcloud.com/chris-ward-126531464/like-a-bigfoot-episode-7-susan-nowell

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