#44: Andy & John Anderson — Iowans For Everest, Summiting the North Side of Everest

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A few weeks ago cousins Andy and John Anderson became the first Iowans to summit Everest from the North Side. I was honored to chat with them only a few days removed from the top of the world.

On this week’s show they share their journey, the experience of summit day, their purpose and preparation.

How did they train for such an endeavor in the (relatively) flat state of Iowa? How is the North Side experience different than summiting from the South? Why forming a community and being clear on a purpose is so important in life? What must your mindset be to handle the intensity of seeing a dead body on the mountain? How will this experience influence their lives going forward?
The higher purpose of Iowans for Everest is to positively influence the lives of veterans by reintroducing them to the tight bonds of a community. In this case, getting them involved in the climbing community and solidifying those bonds by taking them on hiking and climbing trips around the country. If you feel the need to support them, please do so at https://www.crowdrise.com/iowan-for-everest-2017

Frankly, I was just incredibly pumped because I’ve been geeking out over Everest stories for YEARS and these guys were the first people I’ve ever chatted with who had summited…..and their from one of the greatest places in the world!! Double bonus!

Hope you guys enjoy this week’s episode and that you are finding purpose in the pursuit of your own Everest- whatever that may be!

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Excellent news article: http://wcfcourier.com/news/local/iowans-seek-to-summit-everest-from-its-north-side/article_7e959295-edf5-58bc-b7a7-56ce24f1dd5c.html

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