#43: Adam Casey 2 — Managing Extreme Adversity, Tao of Pooh Discussion

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This week we send out a huge welcome back to our friend Adam Casey.

In this episode Adam continues his story and explains the next period of his life as a U.S. Marine officer which leads into the absolute brutal day that unexpectedly knocked him onto a whole different path.

We also discuss why he reads the “Tao of Pooh” once every 6 months. The book explains the essentials of Taoism using examples from Winnie the Pooh. Based off of Adam’s suggestion I am currently in the middle of it and it is absolutely wonderful.

This conversation has brought up some really important questions in my life and I hope it helps you consider some of them too.

How can you use the concept of being the “Uncarved Block” to navigate your life? How do you respond when life sends you the ultimate curveball? What drives/motivates you and are you letting that completely define you? How do you view obstacles- do they stop you or are they necessary at getting you to where you are today?

When you are at your absolute lowest moment, how do you find the strength to barrel forward?

Thanks guys for checking out the podcast! I’m gonna be in Canada for a week so I probably won’t be able to respond to any emails until I’m back. Expect another podcast early next week though!

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