#310: Sabrina White 2 — When to Abandon an Adventure

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This week we are chatting with awesome human Sabrina White!!

I’ve been looking forward to this one since she returned from her big trip to Mongolia last summer.

She had planned on a HUGE bikepacking tour of the Mongolian wilderness, trained for months, dialed in all of her gear and even shipped a giant mountain bike halfway across the world. In other words, she was focused on this adventure for over a year.

And then she threw all of her well laid plans out the window.

After flying out there and spending a week as a traveler Sabrina found a way to have a deeper purpose and sense of fulfillment.

This is a really interesting conversation to have on an adventure podcast. When do we decide to throw out our plan? What do we discover when we intentionally don’t accomplish a huge feat of endurance? Is there more out there for us then reaching an athletic goal?

I am very very excited for you to listen in as we dive into some topics that we haven’t previously explored on this show!!! Can’t wait for you to listen!!