#267: Alyssa Clark 2 — Victory at the Ouray 100

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This week we are bringing back Alyssa Clark to chat all about her win at the rugged and challenging Ouray 100!!!

The Ouray 100 has over 40,000ft of elevation gain over the course of 100 miles and sends runners exploring one of the prettiest areas in all of Colorado. The course profile looks absolutely insane and Alyssa not only finished the race but won the whole thing.

In this episode Alyssa, her husband and crew Cori and her pacer Anna Albrecht (who was on episode #196 of this podcast) share their experience taking this on! From lightning storms to extreme exhaustion, this one has it all!

Hope you all enjoy the podcast! Alyssa is absolutely incredible and will be taking on the Tor Des Geants in a few weeks so we can all root her on! Thanks to Cori and Anna for coming on too, I had an absolute blast!

SIDE NOTE: Last time she came on the podcast Alyssa talked about her 95 marathons in 95 straight days and now she has become an official Guiness Book of World Records holder for that endeavor.


Today Article: https://www.today.com/health/guinness-world-record-alyssa-clark-ran-95-marathons-95-days-t228026

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theory_in_motion/


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