#234: Kaitlyn Yonke — Running the Fastest Known Time on Utah’s White Rim Trail

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This week we are welcoming ultrarunner, mountain athlete, and coach Kaitlyn Yonke!

Kaitlyn recently set the Fastest Known Time on the iconic White Rim Road in Canyonlands National Park near Moab, Utah. She also has raced extremely well a few times at the Leadville 100.

In this episode we talk all about her FKT, the power of service and her reasons for raising awareness for Multiple Sclerosis, the poetic beauty of ultrarunning versus the reality, her participation in the Adrenalin Project, and trail running gems near the Denver area!

Thanks for tuning in and huge thanks to Kaitlyn for coming on the show!!

NOTICE: In the Outro I share a list of “New Year’s Decisions” I’ve made for 2021 and why I made the distinction between “decisions” and “resolutions.”

I’m a huge believer in the power of words (obviously as a podcast host ha ha). Words have power. The words you say to yourself, to other people and to the people who look up to you for leadership. “Resolutions” seems like a choice to be made whereas “decision” seems like your mind is already made up by what you are GOING to accomplish.


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