#199: Melissa Gosse 2 — Pivot…Don’t Pause, Self-Discovery Through Endurance

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This week we are chatting 200s, stage races, pivoting on our goals and healthy endurance mindsets with Melissa Gosse.

Melissa is an amazing athlete who has competed in some brutal stage races along with completing the Tahoe 200. In this episode we chat about how our 2020 plans have morphed into new, exciting adventures, how she handled major low points in stage races, and what she has discovered about herself by pushing her limits.

As endurance athletes I think we all can relate to the idea of adventure helping us grow emotionally, mentally and physically and I think the stories she tells and the conversations in this episode get at the essence of what endurance sports brings to our lives.

I really hope you enjoy this week’s show! I want to thank Melissa for being so awesome and open about her experiences!!


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