#160: “Bigfoot Sightings” 4 — Climbing Mt. Rainier, Training for First 50 Miler

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This week on the show we are bringing you two, count them, TWO guests!!

We’re back with our 4th edition of “Bigfoot Sightings”, the episodes where we catch up briefly with a few of our favorite people from previous shows.

First, we have the awesome Calvin Johannsen fresh off of his 2nd successful summit of the iconic Mt. Rainier. In this episode he shares the story of his new adventure. The importance of good people while experiencing a sufferfest, why he was so dang sleep deprived over the course of his adventure, and why working as a team got him to the top!

Then we are reconnecting with Jason Sudduth and his wife Joy as they share adventures in running and ultra running in the Southeast. Jason recently signed up for his first 50 miler and catch back up with his trail running adventures at Grayson Highlands and Quest for the Crest before tackling the topic of injury prevention. Joy started working at the Brick, the local running store, and has been battling through some injuries as well. We chat about why we need to slowly ramp up the miles to prevent future pain and misery in our running careers!

Hope you all enjoy!!


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