Zena Hagarty – Artist and Philosopher. We talk about life, Golden Dawn, Service, Spirituality and Friendship.. This is My Alien Life!!

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Zena Hagarty is in the studio and we just rap about life and what it does to us.  Zena is an artist, musician and podcaster from Ontario Canada. My Heart Remembers is her unique podcast that explores our fundamental relationships with our culture, with each other, and with the mystically wonderful world in which we live. Zena and her guests explore what it has been and what it is to take on something that is new and different in their lives, and what spurs their personal creative fires. These are conversations with folks that vary from the common street angel to world renowned artists.

Expect poetry, music, science, philosophy, conversation, mysteries and a wild assortment of interviews…all carefully curated into what we would choose to share with you.

Produced by Dakota Lanktree

Theme song is: My Heart Remembers – Sublimatus

Zenas online  http://sublimatus.com/



You can find my website at  www.myalienlifepodcast.com and our latest downloads are always at iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher at podbean.com and everywhere else fine podcasts are found……and please follow me and like me on Facebook and Twitter

My alien life is written and produced for broadcast at Studio 254 in the Northern Rocky Mountains..   

The music you’ve heard tonight is produced and created by ELEON.

ELEON is changing the face of New Age with what can only be describes as “Epic Chill” on Heart Dance Record’s first Electronic release.

You can find all ELEON’s work online at HEART DANCE records, Facebook


Thank YOU for listening to tonight’s amazing podcast.

I am Cameron Brauer and this is my alien life!