Yetis UFOs and the Dayatlov Pass Incident Solved? Is Holy Land USA Haunted? And Ep 12 of Kid Nation

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Hey Misfits, buckle up because this ones a doozy. Heard about the Dayatlov Pass incident in the news recently? Basically, some hikers were mysteriously found dead in Russia, and no one really can figure out why. Steve takes us through some of the most popular (and unpopular) explanations — from Yeti attacks to government cover-ups, undercover agents transporting nuclear waste, and more. Emmy keeps this episode spooky, turning to the abandoned Christian-themed theme park in Waterbury, Connecticut: Holy Land USA. This allegedly haunted, abandoned theme park features murder, vandalism and ghosts. Fun! Then, your two pals Emmy and Steve cap off the episode with a conversation about Episode 12 of Kid Nation — it’s the second to last episode and we’re getting nostalgic! CONTENT WARNING: This episode contains talk of death and sexual assault. If you’d like to skip straight to our Kid Nation segment, start at 58:40.

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