Wriste Watch: The Mysterious Informant

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FearScape Paranormal Podcast is back with an ALL-NEW EPISODE! The Spooky Crew is finally giving everyone an update on their Mysterious Informant, the man claiming to be Terry R Wriste (made popular in Secret Cipher of UFOnauts by Allen Greenfield and in Hellier) and the information provided thus far.  Up until now this information has only been made available via their Patreon as part of the Wriste Watch tier where fans have aided the boys on deciphering clues and sharing opinions on the greater mystery presented to Josh and Stefan. This only still a portion of what they know, what they have learned, and where it is all leading.  Tune in now and make sure to hold those blankets extra tight as the boys take you deep into… the FearScape!


To dive deeper into the mysterious information this man has provided them and to get access to emails and info in real time and to also get the rest of the story please join their Patreon at www.fearscapepodcast.com/support or www.patreon.com/fearscapepod.


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