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In celebration of the book ‘When The Stars Are Right, HP Lovecraft and Astronomy’ by Edward Guimont and Horace A. Smith, Eddie returns to the cabin. We tackle the Old Gent Of Providence and his fascination with turn-of-the-century astronomy, as well as his various connections to the great and good of early planetary science fiction! Including, but not limited to:

-Teenage Lovecraft meets Percival Lowell, and worries he’s been too harsh on the latter’s Martian canal theories

-Lovecraft plays a skeptical Scully when the good people of Providence think they’ve seen a Christmas mystery airship!

-Lovecraft writes amateur astronomical columns for various newspapers

-Lovecraft writes a (rather fantastic) short story set on what we’d now call a charmingly old-fashioned Venus

-How Lovecraft used elements of old Mars literature to plot At The Mountains Of Madness

-And HPL’s thoughts on Jules Verne, the War of the Worlds, Edison’s Conquest Of Mars, and LOADS MORE.


When The Stars Are Right by Edward Guimont and Horace A Smith

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