When Death Comes Uninvited: 1 – A New Sheriff

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The Undead Trail – Where Death Comes Uninvited – Episode 1, A New Sheriff.

Former U.S Marshall, Jim Wilkes, disillusioned with life as a federal officer, but still committed to the rule of law, is more than ready to rest from the trail as he approaches his new post as Sheriff in the town of Liberty Gulch. CHRONOSPHERE FICTION

Written by Craig Robotham


NARRATOR: Jason D Johnson 


ANNIE DEEMS: Ilana Labourine

ABE FARROW: Paul Arbisi

DAN WILSON: Rich Greene  

Wallace Leach/Lynch Mob/Townsfolk: Jeff Moon 

Lynch Mob/Townsfolk: Katelin Curtis 

Production, Editing, Foley, Sound Design, Music, Mixing, Mastering: Daniel French at Fishbonius Sound Design