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Fishermen aboard a nineteenth-century dogger may have survived last night’s terrible storm, but what is now floating around them in the sea?

You’ve been listening to the Night’s End podcast which is a production of Dissonance Media. 

What the Sea Wants was written by Deborah Sheldon, and was first published in SQ Mag #25, March 2016. It was nominated for “Best Short Fiction” in the 2016 Australian Shadows Awards. For more information: https://sqmag.com/2016/02/29/edition-25-what-the-sea-wants-by-deborah-sheldon/

Award-winning author Deborah Sheldon writes short stories, novellas, and novels across the darker spectrum of horror, crime, and noir. Visit her at deborahsheldon.wordpress.com

This episode was narrated by James Barnett. He is a writer, editor, voice-over artist & podcast producer. Head to www.jamesbarnettauthor.com for more from James.

Jimmy Horrors was performed by James Barnett.

This episode was edited and produced by James Barnett.

This is another reminder that we have an open submission call for Halloween-themed stories. These submissions are open until July 30, 2021. There are only 6 acceptances so get in early. 

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