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The skeptical side of the Roswell UFO crash of 1947 argues that the event was not an extraterrestrial spacecraft, but rather a combination of misidentified natural phenomena and a high-altitude balloon project called Project Mogul. According to skeptics, the debris found at the crash site was likely from a top-secret government program that involved monitoring Soviet nuclear tests by using high-altitude balloons carrying sensitive equipment. This program, known as Project Mogul, aimed to detect low-frequency sound waves created by Soviet atomic bomb detonations. The skeptics suggest that the unusual characteristics reported by witnesses, such as the metallic-like material and strange symbols, can be attributed to common objects found in classified government projects of that time period. They argue that the sightings of “alien bodies” were likely a result of misinterpretation or embellishment over time. Furthermore, the U.S. military initially stated that they had recovered a “flying disc” but quickly retracted the statement, claiming that it was a misidentification of a weather balloon. Skeptics argue that the reversal further supports the idea that the crash was related to Project Mogul and not an extraterrestrial event. In summary, skeptics of the Roswell UFO crash argue that it was a case of misidentification and confusion, with the debris and witness testimonies being explainable using conventional explanations related to classified government projects of that era.