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The importance of oil and gas has never been more divisive or destructive than in today’s modern world. Wars have been declared and thousands have died in the name of sourcing, claiming and producing oil for themselves or to play the financial market. As time and technology have progressed, the opportunities and risks to extract oil resources have risen to maximum levels across the globe; one method being used for this is the instalment of drills which burrow thousands of feet underwater. 

Unfortunately on April 20th 2010, the risk and danger of such extraction overcame the opportunity for oil when, due to a rupture in the drilling platform of the Deepwater Horizon oil rig resulted in a catastrophic explosion that killed 11 people and injured many more. The cause of the explosion and subsequent aftermath resulted in a colossal oil spill which lasted four months and amassed to approximately 60,000 square miles across the Gulf of Mexico.

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