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HOUR ONE: Is it possible that in 1927 we picked up signals from an artificial satellite sent to our planet by an extraterrestrial intelligence? Some believe the evidence is overwhelming. (Mystery of the Alien Satellite) *** When a great famine struck Europe in 1314, mothers abandoned their children and in some cases, even ate them. Could this be the gruesome beginnings of the story we know as Hansel and Gretel? (The Grimm Reality Behind Hansel and Gretel) *** But first… I doubt there’s a single person over the age of twelve living in the modernized world that hasn’t at least heard of Bigfoot. A large portion of them have probably heard it’s other name – Sasquatch – as well. But far fewer are familiar with his even more reclusive Siberian cousin: the Russian Bigfoot that’s we’ve come to know as the Yeti, or more fondly… the Abominable Snowman. We’ll begin with that story! (Why They Call This Snowman Abominable)
HOUR TWO: Ever heard of Shadrack Ireland? No, it’s not a place – it’s a person, actually. A preacher – and one of the most bizarre religious leaders ever to walk the soil of New England. And as strange as his religious practices and teachings were – his death was just as crazy. (The Perfect Man) *** Lisa woke up to find her boyfriend staring at her. When she asked him what was wrong, he replied, “I’m going to kill you and drink your blood.” Is it possible that the film, “Interview With The Vampire” made Daniel Sterlin turn into a real-life bloodthirsty monster? (Interview With The Wannabee Vampire) *** Gerald Foos built a secret passageway in his motel – not to smuggle drugs or store weapons, but so he could spy on his motel guests having sex. And it gets even creepier than that. (Peeping Tom Motel) *** A family loses two children by apparent poisoning… and then the mother’s death two months later under the same mysterious circumstances. Obviously there was a murderer living amongst the family, or somewhere in the town. Wasn’t there? (The Mystery of the Garrett Family’s Tragic Deaths)
SUDDEN DEATH OVERTIME: In 1938, stories of a “killer ghost” began to be told in eastern Kentucky. Even though no one ever saw this malevolent apparition, it was said to have caused five very similar and unexplained deaths. (The Ghost That Killed With Chains)
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