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VOTE FOR MY BAND, MOONSTONE QUILL, TO BE NAMED BEST LOCAL BAND IN SUMMIT COUNTY, COLORADO!!!! https://www.summitdaily.com/bestofsummit2022/#/gallery?group=432522

My band made it to the final round of “Best in Summit” and it would be amazing if you voted for Moonstone Quill as best band in our county. All you need to do is click the link above and scroll down to the category “Best Local Band/Musician” and select Moonstone Quill. You’ll need to provide an email and register to vote, and can vote once a day until this Thursday, September 1. Thank you all for your support of my musical career!

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This week only has a few major aspects between the planets, but the themes definitely involve Mercury, Mars, and Jupiter, as all three of these planets form aspects to each other through the week. Next week, Mercury stations retrograde, so get ready to “rewind” in the topics of Mercury (communication, travel, ideas) as this builds all of this week with interactions of Mars and Jupiter.

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