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Happy Halloween Weirdos!

We hope you’re receiving a lot of Tricks and Treats and enjoying the spookiest month of the year! 

We decided we couldn’t go an entire month without seeing you so this week, Lauren and Ashley are sitting down to chat about the REAL stories that inspired the characters in American Horror Story.

You DO NOT have to watch American Horror Story to listen to this episode– we don’t talk much about the show, only to reference the REAL LIFE HORRORS that took place to inspire the show!

The girls each take a person, place, or event from seasons 1-5; Murder House, Asylum, Coven, Freakshow, and Hotel to share and scream over.

Serial killers, Nazis, circus performers, urban legends, and even mythical magical beings.

Join us for our extra special 2019 Halloween Special and we’ll see you in November.