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Most of us think about the world in a pretty linear timeline. The right amino acids started brewing together in a puddle somewhere, God or the Universe or something generated a “spark of life”, and 3.5 billion years later – here we are making TikTok videos. But, what if we weren’t the first advanced civilization to call Earth home? This week we get a bit “heady” as we explore The Silurian Hypothesis and wonder, was there someone here before us? Plus, we learn how Brent spends his time at the bar (no surprise there), C-Bot attacks Brent through his wife (equally unsurprising), and we welcome Darrell to the show as our latest victi…fan to suggest a topic and help cohost via Patreon (the fact that any of you spend your hard earned money to support our little show is always the most surprising and humbling of all). All of that and more on the podcast that isn’t sure when humanity began, but we have a good guess as to how it will end…and that involves podcasting robots – Hysteria 51.

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