Valley Of The Headless Men

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Welcome back to the show everyone, on this episode we dig through past emails and find an older submission we missed. It’s from our friend Dom again. Dom tells us about how when he was younger and encounters a woman in the market he talks to, only to find out later on that no one was there at all. Then we dive into the Valley of the Headless Men. A group of men went to go find gold and they struck it big. But on the way out they have a boating accident and lose all their gold. A few of the men decide to go back to reclaim their fortune. Only none of them make it out alive, they are later found with their heads missing. But there aren’t the only people that go missing or missing their heads. Some of the people not only are missing there heads but they are also burnt along with their cabins they built. A group of men meet local tribes from the area and they warn them to stay in the fire light for there are beings that stalk the wilderness. We hope you enjoy the show and as always stay safe and stay weird. 


Once again thanks to Harrison for taking the time to reach out and talk with us. It was insanely better than we had expected. So hopefully this will continue to carry on for us and the listeners as well. Thanks again to everyone who has given us the time of day. As always stay safe and stay weird. 


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