US / THE ISLAND OF LOST SOULS: A Century of Uprise

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Not for the ”feeble-minded!” This month, David and Devin are joined by writer/film critic Tori Potenza to talk about basically everything that’s horrible in America: systemic racism and white privilege.

“Should we eugenics?” is a question posed when analyzing ISLAND OF LOST SOULS (1932), adapted from an H.G. Wells classic and notoriously banned when the Hays Code took effect. We hope for a more cheery analysis with the 2019 film US, written and directed by Jordan Peele, but find more of the same old systemic racism bullsh**.

Remember when everything sucked but now it’s better? LOL

(Also please, don’t eugenics.) 


00:03:35 – The Island of Lost Souls

00:45:33 – Get to know Tori!

00:55:00 – Us

00:59:34 – Comparisons

01:42:27 – Bone Reviews


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“Eugenics and Scientific Racism”

“Why Hands Across America is so Vital to Jordan Peele’s Us” by Tyler Coates


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