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Hi Weirdos!  Welcome to our FIFTIETH EPISODE!! Yeah, I know it says 45 but it’s wrong OK!?  Joining us for this milestone is an old friend of the show GEORGES!! (Episode 8: Creature from the Georges Lagoon) Today is PART ONE of our Obsession Sessions “Urges & Artwork” and we are discussing Obsessive compulsions, stalkers, cults, and serial killers with a very specific fixation.

We try to understand the impulses and urges behind serial murders, pedophilia, and stalking while using lesser known murderers, the “Happy Face Killer” and even personal stories.  I think it goes without saying, but just in case: WARNING: This episode contains disturbing material.


Stay tuned after the episode to hear the promo for the SCI FI DOUBLE FEATURE DRIVE IN podcast and join us next week for PART TWO!