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On this episode of Expanded Perspectives the guys start the show off talking about how traditional 9am lectures should be scrapped and students should be allowed to start their day later, experts have claimed, following new research that suggests early mornings interfere with young adults’ body clocks. According to researchers at The Open University, lectures should start no earlier than 11am for students to be able to perform at their best. Working with researchers at the University of Nevada, experts analysed the study patterns of 200 students and found academic performance was at its best between 11am and 9.30pm. Then, a woman called into Coast to Coast recently a told a fantastic story her father told her about a strange possible Men In Black experience he had one time back in 1954 while out camping.

Then, Lon Strickler over at Phantoms and Monsters posted an interesting story collected by Albert Rosales about a Black Eyed Being that followed them home. Then, an 8-year-old Ohio boy wanted a cheeseburger and he wanted it bad. So, he got behind the wheel of his dad’s van and took matters into his own hands. One problem was he didn’t know how to drive, but it didn’t take him long to figure it out. The boy said it was simple: He just watched some YouTube videos on how to drive a car. Before long, they said he chauffeured his kid sister effortlessly to the McDonald’s half a mile from his East Palestine home while his parents were sleeping.

After the break Kyle brings up one of the most bizarre missing people cases in American history. The case simply known as the Sodder Family  Murders. On Christmas Eve, 1945, the Sodder family home burned down. The cause was traced to defective wiring despite the fact that Christmas tree lights were still on after the fire started. The oldest two sons and daughter and the youngest daughter survived, but the five middle children were missing and no trace of their remains were found. Believing that the fire was a cover for the abduction of their children, George and Jennie Sodder spent a fortune on detectives to investigate.  The case was never solved and to this day no one knows what happened to the missing children. Thanks for listening to Expanded Perspectives!

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