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Happy Halloween, Weirdos!

Are you ready for a spooky tale?  This week Ashley has a special one for you.

Can a house be so haunted that just writing about it can spread evil throughout the world?  Or is it just that reading about the paranormal can open up the possibility of experiencing it?

In 2009 Ashley bought a book called “The Uninvited: The True Story of the Union Screaming House.”  When she read that book, strange things started happening in her home.  Objects were moved, there were strange sights & sounds and all around creepiness.  Not that big of a deal right?  Well, then she gave that book to someone else… and they began experiencing things as well.  

In total six individuals; some friends, some family, even a stranger had terrifying experiences surrounding this book.  These are their stories.


Opening Music : “Evil Behind the Mask” by Karl Casey @ White Bat Audio

Music & Ambience: VIVEK ABHISHEK