Underneath Eldridge Chapter 1 – Born Twisted [Original Audiobook]

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Gday lovely Patreons and pals! Today we start the first chapter on the Audiobook style “Underneath Eldridge,” a tale custom written up just for us, involving all the horrors that we enjoy.

This story has taken us deep into the Eldridge Mines, and….within the minds of human fear and what resilience really means. We begin a journey into the unknown depths of the Earth transformed into a harrowing saga of survival, friendship, and the indomitable human spirit confronting the unimaginable.

Through Alex and Jamie’s eyes, we witness the horror of twisted skin, the desolation of a town besieged by monstrosities, and the lengths to which humanity will go to survive the darkest of times. Their journey, marked by moments of sheer terror and profound bravery, serves as a testament to the power of hope amidst despair.

Underneath Eldridge challenges us to confront our fears, to stand united in the face of adversity, and to remember that even in the darkest of times, there is light to be found – no matter how dull that light is!

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