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For all the evidence, exposed cover ups and acknowledgment by top government officials in countries such as the United States, Japan has been one of the leading nations of skepticism with regards to unidentified flying objects. Despite being the eleventh most populous country in the world and known for the specialism in advanced technology (such as artificial intelligence), the East Asian island’s understanding and acceptance of UAP’s or extra-terrestrial beings remains minimal…until now that is.

So; how can it be that one of the most influential nations here on Earth has taken so long to catch up with the rest of us? What was Japan’s initial assessment and proposed response to the study of UFO’s and their potential impact here on our planet… and what changed? Can we fully rely on our Japanese neighbors to provide their knowledge and technical know-how to propel our wisdom on such matters to the next level? Join us on this episode as we reach out to our friends across the Pacific to discuss the recent reports that the Japanese government’s acknowledgement of UFO’s is (in fact) real.

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