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If you listen to Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture with Isaac Weishaupt podcast then I want you to be a part of something special; but it’s only going to be on the supporter feeds!I’m starting a project to write a book about the symbolism of Twin Peaks and I want to invite you to join along behind the scenes as we go through the WHOLE THING!


Starting in May 2023, we will start an examination of the symbolism and hidden messages behind:

  • Cast, Crew & Creators (*David Lynch and Mark Frost)
  • Twin Peaks Season 1
  • Twin Peaks Season 2
  • Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me film
  • Twin Peaks: The Return (Season 3)
  • The Secret Diary of Laura Palmer book by Jennifer Lynch
  • The Secret History of Twin Peaks book by Mark Frost
  • Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier book by Mark Frost

The topics you can expect to hear about as we try to make sense of Twin Peaks:Owls, entities, tulpas, aliens, magick, blood sacrifice, goddesses, duality, secret societies, TM, atom bomb, Project Blue Book, MJ12, Tibet, Kabbalah, Scarlet Woman, Carl Jung’s shadow, adrenochrome, traumatic abuse, DID, altered states for contact, sex magick, Mauve Zones, Ba’al, Black Lodges & White Lodges, David Lynch, Jack Parsons, Blavatsky, Crowley, James Selby Downard, IT, Wizard of Oz and more!It really is a master class in occult symbolism and we’re going to dive in!

AGAIN- it’s ONLY going to be on the supporter feeds and I’m planning on releasing episodes very sporadically. It may be one a month, once every other month or a few a month, it all depends because I’ll be maintaining all the regular podcast shows on the free feed and trying my best to provide that BONUS episode monthly on the supporter feeds (*a non-Twin Peaks BONUS show).These items are going to take A LONG time to get through- but we’re going to start our journey! I’m anticipating it to take about a year to get it all done.

I talk about the whole idea and process here on the first episode: Twin Peaks Primer- Creation, Location, Music & How to Enter the Grey Lodge! TP01 https://illuminatiwatcher.com/twin-peaks-primer-creation-location-music-how-to-enter-the-grey-lodge-tp01/


There’s a secret coupon code you can use to get into the VIP section at cost for a full month so you’ll be getting my two most popular books, plus 170+ bonus episodes and NO MORE ADS all for two bucks! (*The second month the price resumes at $5/month).The reason I’m reintroducing that coupon code is because I want you to go behind the scenes with me as I prepare this Twin Peaks symbolism book and you can only do that on the supporter feeds over this next year or whatever it takes.

Here it is:


To use it just head to the VIP Section at IlluminatiWatcher.com, scroll way down towards the bottom to a paragraph titled “READY TO BE A VIP?” and click the drop down link, choose TIER 1, at the bottom of the form where you put your credit card number in you’ll see a link to “Add coupon”, type in ‘cherrypie’ (all lowers or all caps), hit “Apply” and sign up: https://illuminatiwatcher.com/members-section/

THIS COUPON EXPIRES ON JULY 1st!!! **ALSO, the coupon is good for the first month to see if you like it, after the first month it goes up to the normal rate of $5/month for Tier 1.

What do you get in VIP Section for only $2?…

When you sign up with the coupon code “cherrypie” by July 1st in the VIP Section for Tier 1: Granola Woke you’ll get all this:

  • 170+ Bonus episodes of “Occult Symbolism and Pop Culture” podcast
  • Early access to episodes
  • FREE ebooks:
    • The Dark Path
    • Kubrick’s Code
  • 2+ hour Kubrick’s Code documentary video
  • 10% off all Gumroad store purchases (*includes t-shirts, coffee mugs and signed paperbacks!)

OTHER SUPPORTER OPTIONSI’ve got a few options if you don’t want to try the VIP Section:Go ad-free with 170+ bonus episodes, early access and books!

If you’re catching this message after we’ve already started the journey; it’s fine because you can still catch up and listen to the back episodes on the supporter feeds!

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