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(Explicit) A podcast that explores the strange stories of small towns across the globe. They may be paranormal, true crime, or just plain weird. Every town has a secret what is yours?

Troy, OH/ Tadmor, OH

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Troy Ohio is the county seat of Miami county.It’s home to the annual Strawberry Festival.It’s also where the very first barcode scannerusing the UPC was set up.In 1974 at the Marsh Supermarket to buy a pack of Wrigley gum.But before the festival and before the gum a devastating flood in 1913 would not only change the course of the river but the face of the town forever.

Wikipedia article about Troy, Ohio

Wikipedia article about Barcode

Troy and the Great Flood of 1913, by Troy Historical Society.Arcadia Publishing ( © 2012) Item on Amazon (B00COG9VYO)

Troy not only survived the flood but it thrived after the flood.However, the tiny town of Tadmore just south of Troy did not fair as well.

Wikipedia article about Tadmor, Ohio

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