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Join us as we dive into the extraordinary life of Thrullas Draconis Hannas, a Wiccan High Priest and eclectic gray witch with a profound connection to the spiritual realm. At the tender age of 16 he embraced the path of witchcraft, a journey that has been both transformative and enlightening.
Surviving a near-fatal car accident at 21, an event that saw him cross the veil not once, but twice, he emerged with a heightened sensitivity to the unseen forces that shape our lives. This sensitivity has become a guiding force in his work with animals and people, tuning into the emotions, feelings, and spiritual influences that surround us all.
With years of experience in tarot reading and spiritual cleansing, our guest brings a wealth of knowledge and insight to our show. Whether it’s purifying homes, rejuvenating individuals, or sanctifying spaces, his expertise is sought after by those in need of spiritual guidance and healing.
So, tune in and be captivated by the tales and wisdom of a soul deeply rooted in the mystical arts, and discover how the power of the spirit can illuminate the darkest corners of our existence.