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(Explicit) The ODDentity Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast that delves into the weird, wonderful, and delightfully spooky.

THROWBACK EPISODE: Seven Bridges of Grant Park Investigation

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This week in honor of National Paranormal Day on May 3rd, I present to you a throwback episode, way back when this podcast was known as Haunt Heads, prior to rebranding. This episode takes you to Seven Bridges of Grant Park in Milwaukee. It’s an older recording, but the content is interesting. See how many strange sounds or voices you can pick out that aren’t part of the ambient noise. I found some tidbits and attached them to the end of the episode so you can hear what I heard (or didn’t hear) during our excursion. The other voices you hear are that of Mimi and Bill Stephen. Mimi was my cohost way back when and we had a lot of fun podcasting together.

Without further delay, here is Season 1, Episode 17 of Haunt Heads. Seven Bridges of Grant Park. Stay Spooky!