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Deep beneath the bustling University of South Carolina campus lies a labyrinth of tunnels, constructed centuries ago and shrouded in mystery. The air within is heavy and musty, and the endless paths seem to twist and turn in all directions. But there are the tales of a humanoid creature that lurks in the shadows, emerging from the manhole covers scattered throughout the streets above. Its movements are said to be swift and silent, disappearing back into the depths with ease. Brave souls who have ventured into the tunnels have reported feeling watched and unease creeping over them as they traverse the eerie passageways. Few dare to tread here alone for fear of encountering this enigmatic being that haunts these ancient subterranean passages.

According to the sightings, he appears as a man, unlike any they had ever seen. He gleams with an otherworldly sheen of silver that seems to radiate from every inch of his being. But what shocked those who caught a glimpse of him was the third eye perched in the center of his forehead, unblinking and imbued with all-seeing power.

Join Gary and GoldieAnn as they venture Within the Mists of the University of South Carolina to tell of the Third Eye Man.

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