They Started Telling Me About Bigfoot – Bigfoot Eyewitness Episode 361

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Tonight’s guest, Glen Bourassa, has had Sasquatch experiences in several states, but his first encounter happened in 1976, while he was walking home from a friend’s girlfriend’s house, in the White Mountains of Arizona, at 2:30 AM. When he was walking home from dropping her off, he didn’t realize it, at first, but he was being watched. When a Sasquatch made its presence known, the way only they can, though, Glen knew he wasn’t dealing with any of the animals he might expect to encounter in the area. He still had a good distance to walk, to get home, so he was beside himself. What should he do? We hope you’ll tune in and find out what happened and how he handled the situation, as well as the multiple other Sasquatch experiences he’s had. Most notably, the time he and his friend, Johnny, were chased by a 9-foot-tall Sasquatch.

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