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In 1978, John was driving up a forest service road deep in the Yuba mountains when he lost control of his old Volkswagen bug and became stuck in a snowdrift. Things went from bad to worse when John went to push his car out and began suffering a heart attack. Trapped in immense pain, John sought refuge in his vehicle and prayed help would come. Soon, hours passed when John saw headlights pull up behind him. A group of men approached the vehicle with flashlights. John in desperate need for medical attention yelled for help but none would come, rather the lights went out and the group of men went silent and retreated into the darkness. Unbeknownst to John, he may have just been the last person to witness the Yuba County five alive. Bill Sterling, Jack Hewit,t Ted Wire, Jack Madruga and Gary Matthias were on their way home from a basketball game in Chico an hour away from their home. The five men never made it. There abandoned car was discovered three hours up a mountain road in the wrong direction. Even more puzzling was that the fact evidence suggested the men took a 31 km hike in the middle of the night unprepared for the elements and made it to a cabin in the woods. This casefile join the theories as a throw it in 3 x 4 and follow the trail of, the Yuba County Five

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