The Watseka Wonder & The Roff House: America’s First Spiritual Possession | 62

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In the late 1800’s the sleepy town of Watseka, Illinois saw a series of strange and mysterious events involving the tragic death of one young girl and the beguiling illness of another. The mysterious story allegedly ended with America’s first documented case of spiritual possession. From remote viewing, to necromancy, seances and spiritualism to hauntings and angels, this story has it all. But the larger question remains – did a an actual possession take place? Or, was a grieving family just taken advantage of by a spiritualist huckster? This week we get into the spirit of things for the haunting of the the Roff house and the legend of the “Watseka Wonder”. Plus, somehow the finer points of Peter Jackson’s work are discussed (Meet the Feebles and Dead Alive, duh), the fellas get to the bottom of the “water cure” (spoiler alert – this isn’t Oprah telling you to drink more of it), and Harley Covington from the Travel Oddities Podcast joins the show! All of that and more on the podcast that’s never been possessed by the dead, but if we were we’d definitely want it to be Geena Davis and Alec Baldwin – Hysteria 51.

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