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The Walker Theatre Haunted Strike Beginnings Part 1
Doors Open Winnipeg 2019 brings your Audio Curators Jas- and filling in for Sher- Jenn, to The Burton Cummings Theatre. The Ladies set up shop in the infamous Merch Booth and mingled with the traffic of people entering to tour the beautiful Theatre. As well, in this Part 1, Jas and Sher re-group to discuss Doors Open Winnipeg 2019, and formally read the beginnings of the 1919 Strike that rooted its beginning in the Majestic Walker theatre where the uprisings started to take place the, Fall of 1918, prior to the Pivotal Strike!
It is no secret that The Walker aka The Burt is haunted but maybe, just maybe it’s the defiant spirits of the original strikers. Their energy still carries on in a residual flow from a time when they were striving for workers basic rights, fairness in employment and decent wages and possibly maybe they have come back to the place where it all started and gave them a voice.
As well Giving Up The Ghost’s dear friend– Brian Langlotz has a play in this year’s Fringefest called ‘Letters’ have a listen to the incredible audio & please check it out this year!
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