The Voice of Spirit with UK Medium Dominic Boag

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I am thrilled to have UK Medium (and my favourite mentor) Dominic Boag back on Spirit School to talk about his new book, The Voice of Spirit: The Boy Next Door with an Incredible Gift. Dominic and I began this episode by reflecting on our experience in person at Spirit School and the magic of being connected by Spirit. Dominic also had an in-person spiritual center for people to gather and learn different modalities in a supportive space. His career now is focused on travelling for demonstrations and teaching, but it was an incredible experience!

In this episode, Dominic Boag shares some insights from his book, the Voice of Spirit and his journey as a medium. He talks about the fact that we all have all of the clairs, and that we need to be open to developing the ones spirit works through for us. Dominic shares his highlights from the year from his travels, and what to consider when choosing a mentor or medium. He encourages mediums to create space for spirit without judging what comes through you from spirit. This was a very insightful conversation full of wisdom from Dominic’s 17 year career.


Dominic will be coming for another in-person retreat at Spirit School again in May! In the meantime, we will be doing another online mediumship workshop:


Online Mediumship Development Workshop

Join Dominic and I for our Online Mediumship Development Workshop on December 2! This online Spirit School workshop will be focused on expanding in the realm of your private readings! It will be a 4-hour mediumship development class with opportunities to practice techniques shared by these renowned mediums. There will be a combination of teaching and interactive sections in this workshop, so come prepared to participate!

There will be a replay of the teaching portion of the class sent to all registrants of this workshop. 

This class is on Saturday, December 2 from 10am-2pm PST and will be $111 USD.


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Connect with Dominic Boag

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