The TInklers – Music’s Outsiders and Shimmy Disc Legends!!!

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The Tinklers are a band from Baltimore who have been together since 1979. The group consists of Charles Brohawn and Chris Mason, both of whom sing, play guitar, and percussion instruments of varying degrees of quality (including cigar boxes, spoons, and other types of junk). Both members are also actively engaged in creating art in other mediums including visual art and books. Their music can be characterized as outsider music due to its lack of traditional musical skills and abilities including proficiency at their instruments and the ability to sing in tune. Their performance method and practice eschews conventional standards of skills thought necessary for making music and can be historically placed with other acts such as Jad Fair and Half JapaneseDaniel Johnston, and many more obscure musicians.

While the band’s roots are in the mid-70s Baltimore art scene, they did not release a proper record until 1990 when the band caught the attention of legendary producer Kramer. They were promptly signed to Kramer’s record label Shimmy Disc and released their first LP, Casserole. The band would release two more LPs on Shimmy Disc – Saplings and Crash – all of which contain similar material.

While The Tinklers have not disbanded, since 1993 the band has released only one full-length album, Slowpoke, and made a few other compilation appearances. Live performances are infrequent.

Outside of The Tinklers, Brohawn also released a CD with Asa Osborne of Lungfish under the name Tear Jerks on Secret Eye Records.


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