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Join us in this week’s edition of Hidden In The Shadows, where we unravel the mysteries of time. This topic takes us through tales of extraordinary encounters, where one might have slipped through the fabric of time or entangled in the loops of its spellbinding web. We will explore the theories of time travel and the possibility of its existence. We will also take a deeper look at the concept of time perception and how it varies from person to person. How does time seem to fly by when we are having fun, but drag on when we are bored? Can we alter our perception of time to make the most of our experiences? So, come along on this journey with us as we uncover the mysteries of time and its impact on our world. Who knows what secrets we may uncover and what new perspectives we may gain. Let’s explore the hidden depths of time together in this episode of Hidden In The Shadows.

We’ll Catch You Weirdos In The Next One..

What’s coming next? : An episode all about haunted battlefields.

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Digging our intro and Outro music? Every time we go through a change in the podcast, we’ve introduced new intro and outro music. For a good chunk of time, it was from the band Maudlin. Which if you heard any episodes up until this one! Make sure to check out Maudlin! They are an amazing band!

Our new music is called Swamp Witch by Slip. Stream

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Song featured: Stacy Dahl- Maudlin

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