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Conspiracy theories, UFO folklore, fringe beliefs – they all have something in common, and it’s something worrying. A thread of anti-intellectualism runs through them all. Cian decides to find out what’s really going on and enlists the help of his brother Donal, PHd student and lecturer in Political Science, to get to the bottom of several important mysteries. Why is conspiracy thinking more rampant than ever? Why is this a danger to the very fabric of democracy? How is all this related to Trump, Brexit, and other populist happenings? And is it worth going to see the never-ending KISS Farewell tour? Find out in this special Wide Atlantic Weird interview episode. Various topics Cian has investigated in previous episodes have been leading up to this, so tune in to find out how his travels through the various alternate realities of paranormal belief have led to his deepening suspicions that all is not right in the world of fringe thinking.


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