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On this episode we discuss The Rothschild Dynasty and the beginning to one of the most powerful and covertly influential dynastic families in modern civilisation. From the Jewish ghettos of 18th century Frankfurt to seats at the most clandestine and unimaginably powerful boardroom tables in the modern day; the Rothschild family and their immeasurable wealth has had a secret hand in the shaping of our society and, undoubtedly, a huge influence on the future of humanity.

In this episode I wanted to stay away from the inevitable global elite chat and give a factual and cultural history of the Rothschild family and how it all started with the patriarch Mayer Amschel Rothschild. We discuss how his shrewd business dealings and his willingness to do work others wouldn’t; made him amounts of money some of us cant even fathom.

Joining me on this episode are two proper mensches Shane Brown and Tom O’Mahony for the mad craic and lacht. I really hope you enjoy this one and there will be more shows, much sooner than this one came; now that I have my head screwed back on!


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