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IN THIS EPISODE: He began as an obscure actor, became a universally loved monster, but ended in destitution. We’ll look at the career of Bela Lugosi. (The Rise and Fall of Bela Lugosi) *** Nearly a century has passed, and the grisly crime committed by two sisters remains as mysterious as ever. We’ll look at the Papin Sisters and the shocking gruesome murder they committed in 1933 that horrified France. (The Murderous Papin Sisters) *** You think you know what Halloween is all about, but you might not—not really. After all, it wasn’t always about carving pumpkins and collecting candy. (Why Celebrate Halloween) *** When it comes to murder investigations, the skeletons in everyone’s closets – even those who are only peripheral characters in the drama – can still have their darkest secrets revealed. (The Mystery of the Poisoned Powder) *** And if I was to tell you I had a story called “The Woodchipper Murder” you might think it sounds like something out of the movie “Fargo” – but for Helle Nielsen, it was all too real. (The Woodchipper Murder of Newtown, Connecticut)

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Originally aired: March 12, 2923

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